The site is not up, but you might have found it by spotting the crawler in your logs.

What is fedilist?

Right now, a crawler and this static page and a messy pile of code.

What it's intended to be, though, is a list of instances on the fediverse with some information about the fediverse in general. (I was very sad that fediverse.network went away, href is cool.)

I did put up a bot that you can follow: @fedilist. All it does right now is list new instances.

Is it open-source?

Yes, it'll be AGPL when it's released.

When is it going live?

When it's done.™

(Probably within a month or so. (Still.))

Because I got tired of making screenshots to show to people and I am still busy with Revolver, I put up demo.fedilist.com so you can use it but what is there only partially reflects what will be here. It's really just the data, so that people can have the data while I hack on other stuff. Occasionally I tack on a feature or something, but until Revolver is out, it's at like 30-90 minutes a week.

Why is it crawling already?

I'm working on other stuff, but I finished up the crawler first so that when it goes live, it'll have some graphs to show people. (Any time there's an opportunity to have a robot do the work while you do other stuff, take it.)

What's the crawler do?

It checks the usual endpoints once in a while (currently capped at three or four times per hour, though there are nearly 7k live fedi servers so sometimes it is less frequent, and it crawls slower sites less frequently) and records data: changes (listed below), response times, things like that. It keeps historical statistics, but does not fetch any posts or anything like that. Let me know if it's causing any problems!

What does it do?

It hits some common API endpoints, looking for things like your instance's description, whether you have open registrations or not, user/post/peer counts, admins, and presents that information to the world (after scrubbing most of the HTML; you might be surprised by how many servers that shoved iframes and JS and CSS into their descriptions). So it's just collecting the information that your server publishes about itself.

There will also be some (largely static) pages about how the fediverse works, how to find a server to join, how to start your own server, links to fedi-related services (hosting, managed hosting, emojos.in, etc.), links to the relevant HOWTOs, and projects (like Pleroma, Honk, Peertube, API clients, mobile clients, things like that, fedi has an embarrassment of riches in terms of cool code and projects, like Twitter did before they unilaterally killed all the cool API features: people love building neat stuff, fedi is the place for that now) and other relevant information.

So there are a few audiences for the information: people new to the fediverse, people that like charts and data, and people that want to search around the network. The intention is that this will help people join the fediverse, find servers to join or support (e.g., searching for "liberapay" to find servers soliciting donations through LiberaPay), look at information on the network. It should also help admins view information about their own sites and the network in general: there are RSS feeds listing new instances, changes to existing instances, and feeds for individual instances.

There are more features planned, but this is a spare-time project.

How do I find out when it's live?

This is kinda hacky, but you could subscribe to the RSS feed for new instances, which is static and empty right now, but when the site goes live, it'll start showing the newest servers. (I don't wanna collect email addresses and notify people or whatever, but this should be a low-friction way of finding out when we're up and running.)

How can I help?

You can:

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